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Versatile defragmentation tool that protects your system against fragmentation
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Warp Disk is a sophisticated defragmentation tool with fragmentation prevention capabilities. Thus, this attractive application not only scans and defragments your fragmented files, but it also lays a protective shield over your file system to protect it from future defragmentation. As a bonus, it offers you a boot optimizer that will speed up Windows booting by saving the necessary files into a memory buffer.

The first big difference between this and other defragmenters is that Warp Disk acts like a system driver, which grants it access to system files that are completely inaccessible to other similar tools and allows it to defragment more files than average. Actually, it can even defragment the page file while Windows is booting, something that not many fragmenters can boast about.

What makes Warp Disk stand out from the rest, however, is the way it works. Unlike most defragmenters, which need to be activated in order to scan the fragmented drive, this program is permanently active and working in the background, registering every read and write to your disks. Thus, it can detect defragmentation the moment it happens without having to scan the whole disk. When relying on other defragmenters, your disk will start accumulating defragmented files the moment the defragmentation routine has finished, and it will stay that way until you remember to defragment your disks again. Warp Disk cannot help files from becoming defragmented, but it can fix any trace of defragmentation as soon as it happens, thus protecting your drives from high defragmentation levels.

Warp Disk comes with an attractive Volume Map interface that will show you a colorful rendition of your disk’s files. It is certainly nicer and more dynamic than many other disk maps I have come across, but I seriously doubt its usefulness.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Not only defragments your disks but also protects your files against fragmentation
  • Comes with a useful boot optimizer
  • Provides you with detailed log information


  • The Volume Map, though attractive, is not very easy to follow
  • Supports NTFS file systems only
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